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Our Success Stories

Life Without Back Pain Is Great.

After experiencing chronic back pain as a result of a pinched nerve in my spine for three months, I decided to take action to fix it. This problem wasn’t simply going to “go away.”

After a referral from my general practitioner, I came to Davis & DeRosa. Through focused exercises and skilled therapy, 16 sessions later I don’t notice any pain. The shooting pain and painful positions are history.

Thanks Chris and Troy!
Chuck Pitzer

Camping Trip Injury Healed
I injured my back at a weekend camping trip and was unable to walk for a day. I was in considerable pain when I was referred to Davis & DeRosa by my doctor.

After several weeks of therapy, which included stretching, exercises, and electrical stimulation of my lower back area, I am now able to resume my normal physical activity without lower back pain.

I’d like to thank Chris DeRosa for his work and professionalism in my visits and for getting me back on my feet again!

Kenneth Paul Hutchins

Relieved of Pain
The therapy at Davis & DeRosa PT was very successful. I came in with pain in my back and after a few treatments I had no pain and could walk better. I would recommend this therapy clinic to everyone.

Dorothy Kielnecker

Back to Pain-Free Dancing!
For the past four years, my leg strength had deteriorated due to chronic tendonitis and lack of effective treatment. I had to give up dance shortly after my initial injury, but as time went on the pain forced me to give up yoga and other activities I love. Eventually, even walking was very painful.

I went to a physical therapy clinic that appeared to have the means to help me, but I ended up bouncing between two therapists for six months. They introduced me to Pilates, the exercise mill, weight machines, and ankle weights, but they didn’t increase reps or weights. My level of pain remained constant and the

inflammation increased in my knees due to recommended exercises that were too advanced.

Dissatisfied, my orthopedist sent me to Davis & DeRosa Physical Therapy and within a month my pain had declined dramatically. They simplified my exercises and each week I was able to lift more weight. In a very short period of time I went from lifting two pounds to 10 pounds easily.

Today, I am back in dance class and am pain free.

I’m really grateful. Troy and Chris helped me to get my life back.

Terra Hesking

Recovered From Shoulder Surgery
They (Davis and DeRosa) know their stuff. After my shoulder surgery I couldn’t lift my arm over my head. Within weeks, I regained both my range of motion and strength, and have now taken back up my normal activities and sports. The exercises precisely worked the muscles needed. They did their job and I

wholeheartedly recommend them.

David Felker

Movement Restored
I had rotator cuff surgery in December when I first came to Davis & DeRosa. I couldn’t lift my arm over my head. Everyone at Davis & DeRosa was great and have provided great training and exercise recommendations.

Throughout my rehab process in two months my range of motion and strength had significantly improved. In four months, I was throwing a softball again and feeling great.

My shoulders and lats were stronger and more defined than they were prior to my surgery.

Davis & DeRosa provides great expertise and personal attention that I never received at other clinics.

Todd Faker

Ankle Injury Healed
I am a bartender and on my feet for hours at a time. This was quite a problem when I had a freak accident that resulted in a bad ankle sprain.

After a week or so of bed rest, I decided to give physical therapy a try. Wow! A complete improvement! I felt 110 percent better after the first visit, but more than anything, they gave me the confidence to trust my ankle and get back to work.

Laura Gante

Pain Reduced
When I first arrived I was in a lot of pain (back and leg). After a week’s visit I felt a lot better. I am now able to sit longer. I now walk without pain. I have noticed that I am able to sleep better at night.

Marilyn D. Henderson

Accident Recovery
I just wanted to thank you, Chris, for everything you have done to help me recover from my car accident injury. I’ve been keeping up with all the exercise that you had me do and it’s really helping. I appreciate you and the whole staff for treating me so well and for being so nice and so pleasant. You really made my

injury a lot easier to deal with. Thanks again.

Jennifer Mercado

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