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Emily's Success Story

Emily's Success Story

Our wonderful patient Emily Voegti is a busy long-time El Segundo resident and a customer service agent at Quantas Airlines. She has also long suffered from headaches and migraines.  She remembers when she got her first migraine.  She was seven years old and knew she had to go in to a dark closet and it was scary because she didn’t understand what was happening. This started a decades long relationship with her migraines, that would show up, take over her life and make time stand still.  She began taking costly medications, trying everything from over-the-counter options to doctors prescriptions to try and make the headaches go away. These medications had terrible side effects from fatigue and nausea to potential harmful long term health issues that concerned her. 

With the increased stresses of 2020, Emily’s headaches became more frequent and severe. The medications over time were no longer working. She decided it was time to make herself a priority.

Fast forward to today. After seeing our post on Facebook last month, Emily decided to give our new revolutionary headache treatments a go. She gave us a call and learned that her headache treatments would be covered by her insurance and in October she began her treatment with our physical therapist Dr. Alexandra Rimmer. The result? After a few treatments, Emily is now able to ward off her headaches before they become a migraine by using some simple and specific movements of the neck and by correcting her posture and placing her jaw a certain way.  Emily has said goodbye to her costly medication and has replaced it with a few easy at home exercises.

The best part of our job is hearing stories like Emily’s, knowing that the treatments we offer can change someone’s life. Do you suffer from chronic migraines? Give us a call to set up your evaluation to see if you are a candidate for this incredible new treatment.

To learn more about our headache treatment program, go here.