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Terry's Success Story

Our success is your success at Davis and DeRosa. Nothing makes us happier than to see our patients thrive in recovery and grow stronger and more mobile. We sat down with our patient Terry to discuss his healing journey and here is what he had to say...

DD: What brought you into the clinic?

Terry: I came to the clinic experiencing low back pain due to degenerative arthritis and disc issues at L3/4 and C5/6. I have a history of 2 arthroscopic surgeries on my left knee(ACL and Meniscus) and arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder to repair a full frontal tear of the supraspinatus. Additionally, I had a history of Plantar Fasciitis over the year leading up to coming in.

Back pain had restricted activities like skiing and paddleboarding as well as activities relating to an ongoing construction project. I had lots of chronic pain and tightness. The initial visit indicated I was in an acute phase. I had a weak core, tight hip flexors in a cycle of inflammation.

DD: Tell us about your treatment experience.

Terry: I work with Miranda & Nikki. What a Blessing. Miranda has taught me more about how to manage this body machine than anyone has in a PT environment*. She's patient, insightful, gentle, affirmative, strategic, creative, proactive, responsive, encouraging and caring. What differentiates her is knowledge and her willingness to demonstrate a move even if it means lying on the floor(to demonstrate a gardening technique:). She then coaches you on your technique until you get it right. Deep listener, intuitive and keeps me challenged and has exposed me to a wider array of exercises, then previously exposed to in a PT environment (this is my 6th PT experience over 50 years and 3 orthopedic surgeries) Miranda has an excellent gift for explaining complex concepts that are easy to understand/implement. Her nature, as an ex athlete instills positive belief. I've experienced a rotation of body parts breaking down (acute plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain) in the course of treating my back. Miranda tailored a plan to move forward every step of the way. I trust her and it has worked. Well, let's say it's a work in progress and will only progress with work. I give her a 10.

And then there's Nikki, a delight. She has the quiet confidence of competence. Excellent interpersonal skills relating to all of the clinic's population. Perfect teammate to Miranda to further set up and coach exercises in a spirit of cheerfulness and encouragement. Great reformer coach! Nikki carefully supervises prescribed activities and makes competent technical adjustments on the fly. Encourages feedback in an open spirit of betterment. She's a star and a future Leader....all that and a cup of ice (personal joke). I give her a 9.999997.

Miranda has provided a customized plan of daily exercises and helped me understand what to expect. Now that i've indicated a goal of competing in the Men's Masters 100MH, i expect she's going to take it up a notch. She's helping me build the foundation to be better not older.

DD: What was the result?

Terry: I came in acute and was shut out of most of a record ski season. I was having trouble finishing construction projects. Now, i have the tools and knowledge to manage. Miranda has mapped out a daily routine and 3x strength work. The only thing stopping me is me. The Result? I came in hobbled and now i'm back to a level of function that allows me to ski. I just came back from shredding down the hill at Mammoth Mountain like i was 27 years old (In my head at least....see video attached-Face of chair 5)...lol. While i'm still on a modified work schedule for construction(as reminded, i'm no spring chicken), i have awareness on proper body mechanics to keep me out of trouble. I still have work to do.

DD: How are you feeling now?

Terry: I'm much better for sure, but still have a ways to go. It's a re-education. You can teach old dogs new tricks. While I know that at the ripe age of 69, things are going to hurt, knowing that you have a team you can count on gives one the confidence and encouragement to get better not older. I feel empowered to keep training what i have learned from Davis and DeRosa, and when I do, I'll be that guy at 90 still shreddin' down the mountain and paddleboarding with a grin.

DD: Would you recommend Davis and DeRosa to others?

Terry: Absolutely. As an experienced Physical Therapy patient, i've encountered many different environments. Davis & DeRosa has got it dialed in. The quality of therapists are the best I've seen. (*Conor and Jules were my team in El Segundo and they were amazing, too!) I see a culture of caring, collaborative teamwork that translates into high quality patient care in an environment where you feel safe. Not only is the therapy top notch but the front office is the best i've seen. All friendly, efficient, pleasant, kind and welcoming. Davis & DeRosa is the best PT I've experienced, I would(will) recommend to family, friends or any that could benefit from PT.

DD: Thanks, Terry! We're so glad we could help.